Chaos Is Part Of The Process…


I’ve spent this last year in a flex-state where the majority of it I kept questioning “what am I going to do now, because nothing I’ve done before is working for me anymore.”

As my logic has been swearing that I’m just “unlucky” + “going through a dry spell” right now while nothing seemingly goes according to it’s plan… another voice helps me recognize this is simply a part of The Process.

Ah, ‘Creative Intelligence.’ It’s been a while since I’ve listened to you! Please, please… share with me your input. I’m in unfamiliar territory and can’t seem to find any clarity from my logical mind over here.

“Dear One,

It seems you have been fighting The Process. You are in the stage of transformation. Madame Butterfly is here to remind you that you too can have grace each step of this process.

Take a look at her. She starts her life as a caterpillar. She does not see her mother, she doesn’t have a clue of who she is destined to be! She breaks free from her egg and begins eating. She’s voraciously hungry in life. She spends her days taking in sustenance from the bush she was born on. That is, until she loses her hunger. And it’s a good thing too. She’s stuck! She can no longer sustain herself doing life as she has been doing it. There’s no way for her to make it to another bush… and the one she is eating off of is nearly finished up! “Something has to change”… and she knows it in the very core of her being!

Needing change is a natural thing, really! And her needed change is nothing like she has ever known before. She doesn’t know about her next step. She cannot access a crystal ball, seeing her upcoming cocoon process, or hear her mother’s promises that she’s truly going to get to wear the most beautiful outfit for the rest of her life. She simply keeps being her authentic self… even though she’s about to go headfirst into the unknown abyss and meet her first death: Death of the person she’s always been!

Her caterpillar body goes into an unknown process to her. She’s never done it before. This hardened shell is wrapped up all around her, and she completely shuts off from the outside world. Inside the cocoon, she loses all sense of her physical self. Every aspect of how she has related to the world outside of her is completely changing. Every molecule of her body is transformed by going through a liquifying process. She ceases to exist as a caterpillar. Seemingly, she has lost everything! She is now liquid jelly; the most flexible she has ever been. She doesn’t even have eyes to see what’s going on with her in the moment. Disoriented + unable to do anything about it, she simply is in her process of becoming.

Over some time, she forms into a butterfly. Only she still doesn’t know what she is just yet. As she comes out of the cocoon, she cannot fly. Her wings are too small. You do not see her jumping off the branch, or ending her life out of hopelessness. She holds on tight. To her, it’s about 30 minutes. For you, it can feel like an eternity. But her wings are growing… and so are yours. She is no longer the person she once was, and neither are you. She literally cannot take in the same sustenance to nourish her and give her fuel for her life. Instead of eating from the dense bush, she must taste essence and nectar of the gods. And so to must you. Yes, this is your process of becoming too!”

Yesssss! Thank you Creative Intelligence. You are my genius!

Welcome January 2014


This January, let’s remember what’s important…
I promise, it’s everything that’s in your heart…leading you to REAL fulfillment.

Before your brain was formed; before you even had a logical mind… you functioned by another intelligence…


That’s the Authentic, real-intelligence you came here from! You are creative intelligence. You came here boldly, through trillions of brilliant chemical exchanges. Yes, your amazing human-being experience was made possible by your Creative Intelligence.

And now that you have a body [and a brain], and have memories… you have to make balance between your LOGICAL mind + your CREATIVE mind… that you may command your whole mind. It’s a part of owning your whole self. It’s part of the human maturation process… so don’t for one minute throw out one or the other. Let’s be smart with our mind this year. For without the whole thing… we cannot create what we want or get where we want to go! Let’s bravely take those baby steps forward… Let’s fall in love with new ideas. Let’s breakthrough and take our creations to new heights. Let’s nurture + support our dreams!

I know our LOGICAL mind has a way of:

  • housing our inner critics [which can transform into our inner allies with a little healing!]
  • arguing to discredit our CREATIVE intelligence [using our life-force to do so!]
  • fumbling around trying to make logical sense of our CREATIVE intelligence [and suffering the emotional consequences in the process!]

Yet our logical mind is not our enemy keeping us from our Authenticity + Creative Intelligence! WE are the ones who habitually go to our LOGIC “versus” our CREATIVITY to make our dreams real. As if we must choose one or the other!

This year… Let’s be smart, accepting our whole mind + create what we want. Let us make space for our CREATIVITY. Let’s allow ourselves not to always be logical for logic’s sake. Let’s let go of the ideals in perfection… and simply take the courageous step of holding onto the Dream!

After all, it begins with CREATIVITY + a Dream!

Bingo, I found it!


When we have a problem… or notice something that needs a solution in our life… we try to find the RIGHT SOLUTION to fix everything.

For example: I keep hearing the idea “we are nowhere where we want to be.” And in my head, I come up with a BINGO CARD filled with things I “should do”, “would be smart if I did”… or “could do” in order to possibly dissolve the problem.

Sometimes I let myself come up with all the solutions. And when I really look at all the solutions… no where in them does it promise I’ll even come close to my answer. In fact, in my heart of hearts, I don’t think anything I “DO” will bring me close to the answer. It’s a soul to soul kind of thing…

If the problem is that I am no where near where I want to be… then, It’s time for me to connect with what it is to be where I want to be. What is the quality + feel of where I want to be? What is the scenery like? How does it make me feel. What changes take place within my perception when I place myself in that environment? Really and deliciously, what is it like to be in that space?

BINGO! Now this is my answer. This is what my Being has been awaiting recognition!! Eureka! A-ha.

Mischief Managed!

1,000,000 Rockstar Points


Who doesn’t FEEL SO MUCH BETTER when they wake up to earning 1,000,000 Rockstar Points?!?!

I am notoriously a people-pleaser. Part of this is because one of my biggest SUPER POWER’s is “stability.” I am a rock with the power to contain anything. I have tremendous presence for others… and I actually have a gift for nurturing others as well.

Yet sometimes, with those SUPER POWERS, it is way to easy to neglect myself and spend my whole life caring for others and such… without being that ROCK for myself… STABLE when I need more security and nurture.

I just thought after some of the recent choices I’ve made personally… I DEFINITELY deserve these Rockstar Points!!!



We can TALK about LOVE all we want… we can even really hit the nail on the head about it.

But when it comes down to it… if we are not ALLOWING the LOVE experience within us… we don’t really “know” it at all. And then, what’s the point of intellectually knowing it either!?!




I’m RIGHT handed. The way I assimilate something and work with something is very much through logical processes. I enjoy it when the LEFT BRAINED logic can be integrated with Creative RIGHT BRAINED data.

So of course, when I explore INTUITION… I like to see it in the framework for what it IS + what it IS NOT. And sometimes, because of the way I assimilate information, I can easily sway into DENIAL of INTUITION because INNER CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES try to invalidate it. But I don’t let that happen with my most valuable asset!!!

INTUITION is my MVP. It’s the Secret Sauce in my LIFE that makes everything taste better!

What INTUITION is:  How our Soul talks to us via the Voice of our SPIRIT. Intuition is a KNOWING; it is the SUMMATION without all the facts and details of how, why, etc. We get an INTUITIVE “hit” and then we must work ourselves [seemingly] backwards to understand [give structure to] it.

What INTUITION is not:  Assumptions, Beliefs, Conclusions, Delusions + Expectations that try to Invalidate Intuition because of what it “is missing” [Those kind of ideas come from the EGO in response to the Voice of the SPIRIT.

Since our INTRINSIC [Innate Qualities] are what is within us… and our EXTRINSIC QUALITIES are experienced through us meeting our life journey with Inspired Action… it is the SPIRIT [that VOICE which is constantly telling us what is TRUE = The Voice Of Intuition] which we either DENY or ACCEPT. When accept the SPIRIT … instead of discounting it or invalidating it… it heals our bodies, brings us into abundant LIFE… that is, when we ACCEPT our INTUITION. When we block it, we get stuck in the actual process as we continue to use our energy to DENY our Intuition.

So what is blocking our Intuition? USING OUR ENERGY to DENY our Intuition through  A, B, C, D or E’s! [Assumptions, Beliefs, Conclusions, Delusions + Expectations that try to Invalidate Intuition]

We are ALL going to have INNER CRITICS … sub-personalities; perspectives that subconsciously use our energy [spirit] to DENY our INTUITION. But truly. If we let our INTUITION speak… If we HOLD SPACE FOR OUR INTUITION… PLUS communicate to our INNER CRITICS that we are setting up spaces for their voice as well as the Voice of INTUITION… We will be able to really observe how our personal energy is being utilized + have dominion over the flow of it.

It’s not so much that our INNER CRITICS don’t need to speak up. They do. And it’s not so much that you want to live your entire life off INTUITIVE “hits” alone. You don’t. But a person cannot live well in CONFLICT. And when our INNER CRITICS are in conflict THAT we have INTUITIVE “hits”… well, this is not good for our Spirit.

Whenever I come to this point where my INNER CRITICS are at war with INTUITION… [like bombs going off in my energy]… I simply have one side of the paper which I hold space for my INTUITIVE HIT. I let it land there on the left side of the page. Then, I hold space on the right side of the page for my INNER CRITIC’s A,B,C,D + E’s. I let them all exist together. Then I start to understand what is going on. I look at the 2 sides of the single page like a star in the sky. I see how my SPIRIT works… and I see how my INNER CRITICS work. Then, I go about helping them work together.

It’s like that cartoon with the angel on the one side and the devil on the other. I will not be pulled between two conflicting thought patterns! I command this vessel. I command this ship. If these parts are aspects within me… and they are, then I ultimately must take charge like a good mother. I honor where my INNER CRITIC is coming from. I communicate with them in ways that support and encourage them. I also do the same with my spirit. Mischief Managed.

Today’s Extreme Self Care

Remember… Extreme Self Care is a way to Creatively + Spiritually FILL YOURSELF UP! Here’s a few ways I do this. It positions my attitude into a place where I can serve others and live on purpose the best I can!


Time spent doing play in my creative journal is important to me. Today, my focus was to connect with CREATIVE ME. This is the me who does things “her way”. She’s the black sheep when it comes to how the majority of the world functions. She doesn’t play a role for anyone else. She’s her own  woman. I love her. Muah!

While connecting with this part of me…



I was thinking about what shifts me from hopelessness into empowerment. It is the difference between the ideas of self doubt that I can make any impact or difference in my world at all…

to the idea that I truly can create things in my world! In recognizing that I create situations and circumstances in my life from the INSIDE out… recognizes my deliberate creative power. We all have that power. It’s the spark of LIFE within us that makes that possible.

It’s amazing to think we are BOTH Spiritual | Essential beings on one spectrum of existence… while simultaneously we are Physical | Flesh-and-bones on this physical world. The relationship between how both aspects of us exist, are either in harmony with one another… or are in conflict. It is from this state that we deliberately create our experience with life!

Through doing the inspiration cards, I try to remind myself of how it works. I remind myself of how Sovereign I am… that I get the opportunity to deliberately create my own reality. That the quality of my life experience is found in the quality of relationship I have between my INNER and OUTER realities.


Just FILLING UP this morning before going out to do one-on-one healing sessions makes all the difference in the world. It’s going to be a powerful and magical set of sessions. I’m ENJOYING all the fantastic fuel coming my way!!